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About Raid Alliance Signup

To be able to sign up for a raid:

First click on Apply to Kinship to the left if you haven't joined the Alliance site yet.  Then, when your application is approved...
Once your application has been approved, come back and:

Click Kinship Roster at top of this page...

Scroll down...

Click-----> Add a Character to Raid Alliance Signup 

Fill in Char Name, level, gender and race if it asks... should be good, click on a date on calendar and signup then submit.


Please, only 1 char needs to be signed up, when you sign up on a date you can add a note on what char your bringing.

To reiterate, this is primarily an advance raid sign-up site for high-level playing characters who members of our 5 alliance kins: Brotherhood of the Wolf, Defenders of All Good, Outcast Raiders, Riders of Ravencrest, and Seeds and Stems.  If your playing character(s) is/are in another kin, please defer to those wishing to sign up who are members of our kins.  Thanks, and welcome to the Alliance!

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